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Topolino began shipping its signature carbon-spoked bike racing wheels in 2002. The wheelchair wheels are an extension of this technology and were initiated in 2006 by Topolino’s founder, Rafe Schlanger, and we began shipping the WX2.5 wheelchair wheels in 2010. All Topolino wheels are handcrafted in the small New England town of Bethel, Connecticut, USA

Our passion for what we do and our commitment are at the core of our values. We are a company of enthusiasts who ride, race, and thrive on pushing boundaries. And we understand the important role that our products play in the lives of our customers. We strive to improve the customer experience through innovation, quality, and support.

Chief Engineer and Founder Rafe Schlanger brings over 25 years of engineering expertise and knowledge in the medical and bicycling industries, and has over 25 patents in the field. With a focus on advanced composite materials in the development of wheels, his designs have won prestigious awards and have been raced by athletes at the highest levels of competition.