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If you would like to purchase TOPOLINO WHEELS FOR YOUR CURRENT WHEELCHAIR, here is a partial list of wheelchair dealers that offer Topolino wheels:


Sportaid.com www.sportaid.com  (mailorder)
Spinlife.com www.spinlife.com (mailorder)
Bike-on.com www.bike-on.com (Rhode Island, mailorder)
Numotion www.numotion.com (numerous US locations)
National Seating and Mobility www.nsm-seating.com (numerous US locations)
Rehab Specialties (Houston, TX)
Sandia Wheelchair Solutions www.sandiawheelchairs.com (Albuquerque, NM)
Active Mobility Products www.activemobility.ca (Canada)
Advanced Mobility Products, LTD www.advancedmobility.ca (Canada)
IDEA Mobility.com www.ideamobiity.com (mailorder)
Mobility Solutions Center www.mobilitysolutionscentre.co.nz (New Zealand)
Sung Woo www.sungwoomedispo.com (Korea)
1800wheelchair.com www.1800wheelchair.com (mailorder)
Howirollsportts.com www.howirollsports.com (mailorder)
49 Bespoke www.49bespoke.com (Canada) 


If your dealer does not stock Topolino wheels, please know that your favorite DME supplier can order Topolino wheels for your chair. Please have them contact us.


If you would like to purchase TOPOLINO WHEELS ON YOUR NEXT NEW WHEELCHAIR, here is a list of wheelchair companies that offer Topolino wheels:

• Tilite
• Quickie/Sunrise Medical
• Ki Mobility
• Draft Wheelchairs
• Icon Wheelchairs
• Per4max
• Manuel Onken / Rehaoptimal
• Oracing wheelchairs
• Colours
• Otto Bock

Please know that any wheelchair company may custom order Topolino wheels for your new chair. Please contact them when ordering and request your Topolino wheels.


If you are a US MILITARY VETERAN, Topolino Technology, LLC is an official supplier to the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Please contact your VA health provider to obtain Topolino wheels through the Dept. of Veterans Affairs website.

If you are a DME RETAILER and would like to carry Topolino wheels, please contact us.

If you are a DISTRIBUTOR of wheelchairs, parts or accessories, please contact us.

If you are a wheelchair manufacturer (OEM) and would like to add Topolino wheels to your product, please contact us.