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As you may know, Topolino has licensed some of its key composite technology to Easton Cycling for the bicycle wheel market. In conjunction with this license, Topolino has discontinued sales of its Carbon Core and True Black family of bicycle wheels. But, to our customers who have Topolino wheels: it'll be like nothing's changed. We will continue to provide support for these wheels like we always have. Need replacement parts, repair services, or guidance with your wheels? Feel free to Contact us.

This arrangement has allowed Topolino to focus on our WX2.5 wheelchair wheels. They have been met with rave reviews and are the lightest wheels in the industry - by a longshot. Not only that, but they provide excellent lateral stiffness and the unbelievably smooth ride you've come to know from Topolino. We're a smaller tight-knit company and the wheelchair market is an excellent fit for what we do best: combining advanced materials and innovative design with old world craftsmanship and attention to detail.

But the bike industry remains a key part of our DNA. I’ve got well over 25 years in this industry and we certainly won't be leaving. We're committed to advancing the state of the art and making products we can be proud of.  Topolino has access to a very substantial portfolio of patents and technologies, with a scope and level of innovation that rivals the biggest names in the bike industry. And there’s more under development. We also plan to cooperate with other visionary companies in the near future. In fact, you can already see some of these technologies on products by some well-known names in the industry. You can also be sure that Topolino's new products will be based on true innovation and genuine advancement – they will be products that make a difference.